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Amazon Will Now Deliver A Tiny House Directly To Your Door

Updated: May 16

Excerpt via Curbed

From Amazon’s potential new headquarters to it’s latest lineup of smart home devices, the roughly $430 billion company is in the headlines and in our households. The Seattle e-commerce company sells almost everything—including, it seems, a shipping container house.

Now, Wisconsin-based MODs International is selling their version on Amazon. The 320-square-foot house uses a new sea container as the structural shell—not a recycled one—and includes a rather plain bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, small kitchenette, appliances, and living area. Large double doors open to the outside, and extra windows were added to increase light.

The price for the home of your shipping container dreams on Amazon: $36,000. Of course, the unit isn’t sold from Amazon itself and is available from MODS as a third party seller under the “See all Buying Options” tab. It also costs $4,500 to ship the 7,500 pound structure to your location, so don’t expect your normal Prime discount. All photos via Amazon

If you’re into the cabin look, the Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway with free shipping from Amazon: $18,800 has 292 Sq ft inside floor area plus a sleeping Loft. Getaway is large enough to function as summer house, home office or even a stand-alone retail building. By adding the utility hookups this cabin can be converted to a residence.MODs International on Amazon Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway with free shipping from Amazon: $18,800

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